Executive Director: Ming C. Yeh, PhD, C. Psych., Registered Psychologist
Senior Therapists

Vidoll Regisford, M.Ed. PhD. Educated in Great Britain, Canada, and USA, Dr. Regisford has worked extensively with clients from various ethnic backgrounds. He has been a community leader in the field of mental services delivery. He is an advocate of solution-focused therapy.


Julian Teng, MD. Dr. Teng has extensive experience providing psychiatric treatment and care in China. Since coming to Canada, Dr. Teng has been active in servicing individuals with various mental health challenges in the Greater Toronto Area.



Donna Richards, MSW, RSW. Ms. Richards is a Social Worker licenced to practice in the Province of Ontario. She has extensive experience working with youth, seniors, and people with challenges. She also has worked extensively with couples and families with emotional issues.



Hong Lu, MA (University of Hong Kong). Ms. Lu has extensive experience working with individuals, couples, and families under emotional distress. She has been actively involved with mental health agencies servicing Asian Canadians in the Greater Toronto Area.



Hsiang-ping Tsai, B.Ed. Ms. Tsai has over 30-year experience working with individuals with psychiatric issues and/or emotional challenges. Ms. Tsai is a leader in the delivery of mental health services to individuals and families in the community. She has conducted numerous training workshops for mental health workers.
Our Team